Service Hotline:0086-559-2552385
Service Hotline:0086-559-2552385
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Wind and rain sharpen ambition. Wei De electrical from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong...... We can not do without the Party's preferential policies and the strong support of leaders at all levels. We can not do without the help and cooperation of friends from all walks of life. Set sail ahead. Wade Electric has always been committed to providing users with the highest quality products and the most sincere service, committed to the development and production of safe electricity products.

Wade is a united, friendly family; is a positive, progressive organization; is a self-confident, personal value of the stage, she inspired wisdom and courage, she created success and confidence, thus Huakun Electrical Appliance in a wide range of areas has become the preferred brand of users.

Develop and create the future. Wade Electric is making full preparations for becoming an important supplier in Asia. Today's achievements belong to the past, the Wei De people will continue to "mill a sword for ten years" spirit, and the community from all walks of life to encourage the revitalization of national science and technology.