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Rapid development of circuit breaker in power industry has broad market prospects.
Addtime:2017-09-04 11:50:52

With the progress of social science and technology and economic development, the development of key components of circuit breakers has gone through the stage of introduction and imitation, independent design and intellectualization, and it is developing towards the direction of comprehensive intelligence. The development prospect of the key parts industry of the circuit breaker depends on the development and demand of the downstream circuit breaker industry.

In the domestic market, circuit breakers are widely used in all sectors of the national economy. The demand for circuit breakers and their key components is driven by investment in various industries and is closely related to the situation of investment in fixed assets in the whole society. According to the data of the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the investment in fixed assets in the whole society has increased rapidly in 2010-2016 years. In 2016, the fixed assets investment of the whole society was 606466 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate was about 13.88%.


Data sources: arrangement of prospective Industrial Research Institutes

Generally speaking, the scale and growth rate of fixed assets investment determine the market demand scale and growth rate of the circuit breaker industry at the overall level. Thanks to the rapid growth of fixed asset investment, China's circuit breaker industry has maintained a steady growth trend.

In recent years, the demand for the global distribution and distribution equipment market is on the rise, and China is one of the fastest growing markets. It has now become the second largest market in the world, especially in recent years, to accelerate the construction of the west power transmission, the mutual supply of the north and the south, the interregional networking and so on, which has led to the rapid development of the power transmission and distribution equipment industry in China.

The power industry is the main application area of circuit breakers, and the market capacity of circuit breakers is closely related to the development of power utilities. There is a certain proportion between the power generation capacity and the demand of the circuit breaker. According to experience, every 10 thousand kilowatt capacity power generation equipment needs about 2000 low voltage circuit breakers, in which the proportion of the frame type circuit breaker and the plastic case circuit breaker is about 1:40. As the most used circuit breaker industry, the rapid development of power industry has created huge demand for circuit breakers.

With the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy, the demand for electricity has increased rapidly. According to the data from the analysis report on the market prospect and investment strategic planning of the circuit breaker Industry issued by the foresight Industry Research Institute, the total electricity consumption of the whole society grew from 41923 billion kwh in 2010 to 59198 billion kwh in 2016, and the annual growth rate was 5.92%.

Data statistics diagram of whole society electricity consumption

Data sources: arrangement of prospective Industrial Research Institutes

In general, the development of the circuit breaker industry is mainly dependent on the overall drive of investment in fixed assets, especially in power, industrial investment and urbanization to promote building construction. With the rapid development of China's economy and the steady progress of urbanization, the development of circuit breaker industry will be broader.

In an era of demand economy for more than demand, the key to success is whether it can lock up and capture it when the demand is not yet formed. The above is the related analysis of the circuit breaker industry in the forward looking Industry Research Institute. If you are still puzzled by other problems in the industry, you can click online consulting, and professional researchers provide you with the right competition and investment advice.