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The market value of circuit breakers and fuses is expected to reach US $31 billion 110 million by 2021.
Addtime:2016-03-16 15:09:39

In view of the excellent short-circuit protection performance of the fuse, it is widely used in high and low voltage distribution systems and control systems, as well as in electrical equipment, as a short circuit and overcurrent protector, and is one of the most widely used and most important protective devices. The detailed analysis of the market value of the fuse is as follows.

A new market report, "circuit breakers and fuses - global industrial analysis, scale, share, growth, trend and forecast in --2021 2015", according to a new market report published by the transparency market research. In 2014, the market value of circuit breakers and fuses was $20 billion 750 million, and it was expected to reach $31 billion 110 million in 2021. From 2015 to 2021, the annual growth rate of 6% was increasing.

Circuit breaker is a kind of electric switchgear which operates automatically when it is overloaded or short circuited, and protects the circuit from damage by opening and closing on its own. The basic function of a circuit breaker is to determine any faults and interruptions in the current. The fuse is a kind of self sacrificing electric appliance, which is a kind of low resistance resistance, when the overload or short-circuit current passes through the melt and fuses because of its own heat. The growth of industrial and construction industries in emerging markets and the increasing demand for electricity and reliable power transmission have driven the development of circuit breakers and fuse markets. In addition, due to power fluctuations, electronic devices are also prone to failure. Private organizations and governments around the world suggest incorporating equipment protection components such as fuses and circuit breakers into electronic devices.

Geographically speaking, the circuit breaker and fuse market has been broadly divided into North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world (ROW). North America was the largest contributor to the market of circuit breakers and fuses in 2014, and the North American market accounted for 34.8% of the total market share. The demand for circuit breakers and fuses is rising in the North American market and is likely to increase substantially in the future.

The global circuit breaker and fuse market can be divided into low, medium and high voltage circuit breakers according to the installed voltage level. Through the type of arc extinguishing medium, the circuit breaker market can be divided into air, vacuum, oil and SF6 circuit breakers. In addition, the fuse market is divided into low voltage fuses and high voltage fuses. Low voltage fuses are further divided into plug-in fuses and tubular fuses. Low voltage circuit breaker is the main contributor to the global circuit breaker Market in 2014. This growth is mainly attributed to the huge and rapid development of the power grid.

The global circuit breaker and fuse market can be divided into industrial, automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, power generation, medical and military industries.  The power generation industry is the biggest contributor to the market of circuit breakers and fuses. In 2014, the power generation industry totaled $5 billion 410 million.

Market demand for efficient and intelligent power generation is increasing to solve the future demand for electricity. Demand for protective devices such as circuit breakers and fuses is expected to increase as electricity demand grows.

Key participants in the circuit breaker and fuse market are: ABB group (Switzerland), Alstom Ltd, (France), Eaton Corp (Ireland), G & W Electric Company (USA), Ge Corp (USA), SIEMENS (Germany), Schneider electric SE (France), Pennsylvania circuit breaker Limited Responsible company (USA), Toshiba Co (Japan), Maxwell Technology Limited (USA) and MITSUBISHI electric (Japan). This report provides a strategic analysis of circuit breakers and fuses and market growth expectations for the period 2015 2021. The report makes a comprehensive analysis of all markets based on circuit breakers and fuses, and carries out a deep cross industry analysis of industry applications as well as circuit breakers and fuse markets across different regions.